Automated Data Extraction That


BlueSuit extracts and delivers valuable data right to your workflow, improving accuracy and operational efficiency.

BlueSuit’s Difference

Tailored to your workflow

  • Accessible data for everyone on your team
  • ExtractAPI can be easily integrated
  • Leverage partnerships with integration services to get going

Accelerate your data strategy

  • Unleash the power of your own data
  • Clean and standardize your data across decades
  • Drive measurable, positive impacts across your business

Improve capacity

  • Enhance your critical workflows
  • Maximize your opportunity & revenue
  • Lessen the burden of additional resources & consolidate your data

Reliable tech; reliable humans

  • Human-in-the-loop backup
  • Integration partners to get you started fast
  • Reliable data backed up with our AccuracyIQ Guarantee

Free Your Data

We extract data from your structured and unstructured documents.

Your data is returned to you organized and standardized.

Sent in a batch? We’ll reassemble that for you.

We handle current and historical documents, both singularly and in bulk.

Our AccuracyIQ™ scoring means you can trust our results.

Our Solutions

We identify and extract data from hundreds of different documents in the real estate space. Check out some of the industries and use cases we cover below.

Quality Assurance
Property Transactions
Business Services
Classify & Extract

Results you can rely on

Data is only valuable when you can trust it. Our AccuracyIQ™ (AIQ) system ensures a high level of accuracy — human or better — in the data we identify, extract, and send to you.

We know accuracy matters. If your results don’t pass our AIQ scoring — you don’t pay for them.

What is AIQ?

AIQ is a scoring mechanism that evaluates the quality of the results of our document extraction pipelines.

For additional support, we leverage human in the loop options to ensure smooth, uninterrupted data-delivery.

Want to learn more?

Let us show you how our ExtractAPI works with a live demo.

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