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What is BlueSuit

We are led by real estate experts and software developers. Our mindset is that we can make data extraction from documents easy and efficient for everyone. 

Too much productivity and value is wasted on tedious manual data extraction. So we built BlueSuit’s ExtractAPI to help professionals make time to spend on the things that matter. Our user-friendly extraction process is ready to start speeding up your workflow today.

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Our mission: Unlock the Built World

The human-created environment we live in is full of people, connections, and information…and much of that information is trapped in paper. 

We want to unlock your information, and give it back to you in a way that makes sense for your workflow and your data needs.

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What we unlock

These are the parts of the Built World we currently unlock. We are always adding more documents and data points.

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Rent Rolls

Process more valuations, faster


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Our Rent Roll extraction leverages real-estate specific models. BlueSuit’s API takes your rent rolls and returns structured, normalized data – as well as all the raw data in its original form.

Commonly extracted data includes:

  1. Unit Number
  2. Unit Type
  3. Square Footage
  4. Bedrooms
  5. Bathrooms
  6. Market Rent
  7. Real Rent
  8. Move in date
  9. Vacancy Status
  10. & All your raw data


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Property Deeds

Accelerate information gathering


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ExtractAPI helps companies capture data from their documents at scale. BlueSuit provides a real-estate specific model that scans property deeds and returns clear, structured data around buyer & seller information, as well as important dates and dollar amounts.

Commonly extracted info includes:

  1. Instrument
  2. Executed Date
  3. Recorded Date
  4. Grantor
  5. Grantee
  6. Consideration
  7. Legal Description
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Purchase and Sale Agreement

Accelerate performance


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Our Purchase and Sale Agreement Extract will give you accurate market information at the moment of sale, not months later when the data is stale. BlueSuit leverages real-estate specific models that take PDF documents and transforms unstructured information into structured and normalized data, so you can get data when it matters – right away.

Commonly extracted info includes:

  1. Entities – Buyer, Seller, & more
  2. Financial Info
  3. Dates and Deadlines
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Offering Memos

Enable deal data capture at scale


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Our ExtractAPI helps companies capture data on their deals at scale, by using a real-estate specific model that scans offering memos and returns clear, structured data.

Spend more time on valuable work, and less time entering data by hand.

Commonly extracted info include:

  1. Property Location
  2. Property Type
  3. Asking Price
  4. Asking Cap Rate
  5. Unit Count
  6. Price / Unit
  7. Square Footage
  8. Price / SF
  9. Year Built
  10. Broker Email
  11. EGR
  12. Total Expenses
  13. NOI
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Closing Disclosures

Accelerate information verification


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Streamline your closing process. With ExtractAPI, you’ll be able to pull important data points without tedious manual data entry and double checking. BlueSuit uses a real-estate specific model that scans closing disclosures and returns clear, structured data straight to your workflow.

Commonly extracted info includes:

  1. Loan Cost Info
  2. Origination Charges Info
  3. Loan Terms and Details
  4. Closing Cost and Details
  5. Escrow Account Info
  6. Projected payment and tax info
  7. Contact info for all parties
  8. Closing disclosures
  9. & More

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