We Make Data Extraction

What is BlueSuit

We are led by real estate experts and software developers. Our mindset is that we can make data extraction from documents easy and efficient for everyone. 

Too much productivity and value is wasted on tedious manual data extraction. So we built BlueSuit’s ExtractAPI to help professionals make time to spend on the things that matter. Our user-friendly extraction process is ready to start speeding up your workflow today.

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Our mission: Unlock the Built World

The human-created environment we live in is full of people, connections, and information…and much of that information is trapped in paper. 

We want to unlock your information, and give it back to you in a way that makes sense for your workflow and your data needs.

Interested in working with us?

Want to be part of a great, remote-based team that’s unlocking the built world? Check out our open positions, or send us a message.

Our Solutions

We identify and extract data from hundreds of different documents in the real estate space. Check out some of the industries and use cases we cover below.

Quality Assurance
Property Transactions
Business Services
Classify & Extract

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