Senior Software Engineer

Who We Are

BlueSuit is an API-forward data extraction company focused on real estate transaction documents. Founded in 2018, we’re a Colliers-TechStars company that provides an essential service both across commercial real estate as a whole, and for our peers in the fast-growing real estate technology space.

Our machine learning platform superpowers our customers’ insights with unlocked information previously hidden in unstructured real estate documents. Customers’ results are delivered with our ExtractAPI™, launched in March 2021.

BlueSuit’s team of successful prior founders, data, and real estate industry professionals is looking to add a key engineering team member to help drive customer value. 

The Role

As Senior Software Engineering, you’ll work closely with BlueSuit’s data science, product, research, and design leaders to deliver a seamless and exceptional customer experience by maintaining and enhancing BlueSuit’s REST API, cloud infrastructure, and web-based portals.

As an early employee, you’ll be responsible for delivering on a variety of projects including deploying the latest machine learning technology developed by BlueSuit’s data science team, and continuous improvements to BlueSuit’s customer dashboard. 

You’ll succeed in this role as a creative problem solver who thrives in a dynamic, early-stage environment. You’re comfortable experimenting and prototyping to discover the most impactful solutions, constantly balancing evolving short-term business priorities and early market validation with long-term strategic objectives. Active and transparent communication among internal stakeholders with an eye for early customer value will be key to your success as BlueSuit’s platform approaches scale.

Responsibilities will vary and include the opportunity to evolve as the company grows. 

Current Initiatives

  • Coordinating with BlueSuit heads of product and user experience to scope and deliver on engineering objectives by participating in agile rituals to meet business needs
  • Continuing development and maintenance of BlueSuit’s AWS and python-based ExtractAPI™ and supporting the data science’s team development of their data platform leveraging technologies including Terraform, Docker, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy Alembic, Shell Scripting, Makefiles
  • Supporting BlueSuit’s data science and machine learning team to continuously deploy and prototype solutions leveraging the latest machine learning technologies including TensorFlow, Pytorch, Scikit-learn and built-on third party frameworks (fastai, Hugging Face, TensorFlow object detection API etc.)
  • Ongoing development and maintenance of BlueSuit’s web-based dashboard and sales enablement tools; leveraging technologies including: Heroku, PostgreSQL, Python, Django, Graphene, JavaScript, Apollo, React, Ruby, Slate, HTML, CSS
  • Leading BlueSuit’s data security protocol design and implementation across the organization and responding to customer security needs. 
  • Enhancing and maintaining BlueSuit’s continuous deployment / continuous improvement process and automated testing infrastructure, leveraging technologies including YAML, Shell Scripting, Makefiles, Selenium, Pytest, Jest
  • Manage all internal IT operations including system IAM administration, onboarding/offboarding of technical employees, DNS for company domains, office network administration and email deliverability

Preferred Qualifications

  • 5+ years software development experience
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD in a highly technical subject matter
  • Technical depth in at least two of the following key areas:
    • API design, development, and maintenance
    • Backend software engineering and architecture
    • Cloud software development (AWS specifically)
  • Bonus areas of experience:
    • Machine learning engineering (designing, training, and implementing)
    • Working with data science and data engineering experts
  • Technical breadth – basic familiarity with most major areas of modern software development.

Salary & Benefits

BlueSuit is based in Denver, Colorado in the Lower Highlands neighborhood, just west of Downtown.

  • Annual compensation: $140,000-170,000 (Dependent on experience, with opportunity for equity) 
  • In-office and/or remote work options
  • RTD Passes
  • 401k
  • Healthcare coverage: Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Relocation support available if desired