How long will it take for my docs to be processed?

Because we are in our Beta period, document processing will take slightly longer than normal, but should not take any longer than 24 hours.

How do you calculate dates?

Business Days count official workdays – which means they exclude weekends and public holidays from the US Federal Holiday calendar. Calendar Days count actual days, but dates calculated to land on a weekend or holiday are bumped to the next business day.

An example of how we calculate dates:

A document is due 5 business days from Friday, July 1st.

  • Saturday (2nd) and Sunday (3rd) are not counted (they are weekend days).
  • Monday (4th) is not counted (it is a holiday).
  • Tuesday (5th), Wednesday (6th), Thursday (7th), Friday (8th) are counted.
  • Saturday (9th) and Sunday (10th) are not counted.

Monday (11th) is therefore the date the document is due.

How do you keep my documents safe?

We store your documents on the AWS cloud – you can learn more about their security here.

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