Information sent right to your fingertips

Data delivered to where you need it most

Our Data Pipeline

Send your documents to our ExtractAPI.

We read, extract, and identify specific data points and send them back to you.

We only get better and smarter over time.

How It Works

Integrate our RESTful API with your system

Send your documents to our ExtractAPI

ExtractAPI will read and pull out specific data points & send them back to you

Use your data in just a few moments, right where you need it

Hundreds of Documents

Do you have 300+ different types of deeds you need to worry about?

We handle that, and much more.

Pricing questions?

We have a variety of pricing plans to meet your unique needs, including volume discounts and more.

With our AIQ Guarantee — you only pay for data that passes our high standards.

Beyond Extraction

With our automated process, tell us what documents you are looking for in a larger file.

We’ll find them with our Classify and Index capabilities.

Want to learn more?

Let us show you how our ExtractAPI works with a live demo.

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