Straightforward To Its Core

Our API delivers the built world’s data right to your fingertips. Our easy-to-use data extraction service is built for real estate, and for developers, to use.

Rent Rolls

Commonly Extracted Info

Standard Headers

  1. Unit Number
  2. Unit Type
  3. Square Footage
  4. Bedrooms
  5. Bathrooms
  6. Market Rent
  7. Real Rent
  8. Move in date

…And any unique rows & columns you have in your document

Property Deeds

Commonly Extracted Info
  1. Instrument
  2. Executed Date
  3. Recorded Date
  4. Grantor
  5. Grantee
  6. Consideration
  7. Legal Description

Purchase & Sale Agreements

Commonly Extracted Info
  1. Entities – Buyer, Seller, & more
  2. Financial Info
  3. Dates and Deadlines

Offering Memos

Commonly Extracted Info
  1. Property Location
  2. Property Type
  3. Asking Price
  4. Asking Cap Rate
  5. Unit Count
  6. Price / Unit
  7. Square Footage
  8. Price / SF
  9. Broker Email
  10. EGR
  11. Total Expenses
  12. NOI

Closing Disclosures

Commonly Extracted Info
  1. Loan Cost Info
  2. Origination Charges Info
  3. Loan Terms and Details
  4. Closing Cost and Details 
  5. Escrow Account Info
  6. Projected payment and tax info
  7. Contact info for all parties
  8. Closing disclosures

    …and more


Save time spent on manual data extraction with our speedy turnaround time.


Rest easy with our AccuracyIQ Guarantee and our additional double-check options.


A powerful tool that drives business output, while reducing costs

Meet BlueSuit

Our company is led by real estate experts and developers, with the mindset that we can make data extraction from documents easy and efficient for everyone. 

Too many opportunities are lost due to wasted time spent on tedious manual data extraction – so we built BlueSuit’s ExtractAPI to help professionals make time to spend on the things that matter. Our user-friendly extraction process is ready to start speeding up your workflow today.