Purchase & Sale Agreement

Accelerate performance

  • Pull key transaction details such as parties, dates, and figures from agreements
  • Maximize your workflow
  • Create your own data lake from past transactions

Commonly Extracted Info

  1. Entities – Buyer, Seller, & more
  2. Financial Info
  3. Dates and Deadlines
Purchase & Sale Agreement
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Our extraction process is as easy as 1-2-3


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Extract the data

Flexible data extraction to cover all your use cases.

Extract accurate market information

Our Purchase and Sale Agreement Extract will give you accurate market information at the moment of sale, not months later when the data is stale. BlueSuit leverages real-estate specific models that take PDF documents and transforms unstructured information into structured and normalized data, so you can get data when it matters – right away.

We cover these documents

More document types and data groups are added every day!

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