Rent Roll Extraction

Accelerate the valuation process

  • Maximize your property underwriting and appraisal process
  • Convert your rent rolls into structured formats with our ExtractAPI
  • Our API delivers downloadable .csv files, or JSON objects that plug directly into your tool

Commonly Extracted Info

  1. Unit Number
  2. Unit Type
  3. Square Footage
  4. Bedrooms
  5. Bathrooms
  6. Market Rent
  7. Real Rent
  8. Move in date
  9. Vacancy Status
  10.  & All your raw data
Rent Roll
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Our extraction process is as easy as 1-2-3


Select Your Document


Pick what data you need


Extract the data

Flexible data extraction to cover all your use cases.

ExtractAPI Rent Roll helps companies process more valuations, faster. 

Our Rent Roll extraction leverages real-estate specific models. BlueSuit’s API takes your rent rolls and returns structured, normalized data – as well as all the raw data in its original form.

“We had a discrepancy in NRA – the client was providing us with one total and our calculation was 400± SF smaller. I ran this one through [BlueSuit] and it found an additional floor plan – four units with a slightly higher unit size than those with the same unit code. We had overlooked those for hours.”

We cover these documents

More document types and data groups are added every day!

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