The 3 Future Trends Of Business Analytics In Real Estate

For a long time, real estate lagged in terms of technology. The application of data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and similar technology in the building world is an industry trend that wasn’t widespread until slightly over a decade ago. However, as technology and automation continue to dominate various sectors of the economy, real estate is slowly catching up. […]

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How to Automate Real Estate Data Extraction

Data extraction involves collecting data from various sources, including internal systems — where it is unorganized and unstructured. Extraction is the first step to consolidate, process, and refine data before being transmitted into a warehouse or inserted into a workflow.  Fundamentally, data extraction sets data analysis in motion. In addition, factors such as the quantity […]

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BlueSuit Completes Acquisition & Integration of DealStat

BlueSuit announced today the completion of its acquisition of DealStat and integration of the companies’ product offerings.  Founded in 2017, DealStat’s platform extracts structured information from property offering memos, deeds, and other unstructured real estate documents, supported by AccuracyIQ™, which ensures data quality with reliable confidence scoring.  DealStat’s products empowered workflows and data intelligence across […]

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