Cutting edge technology that works for you.

Our reliable technology is built and supported by reliable humans.

A RESTful API, powered by Machine Learning, that fits your workflow

BlueSuit’s ExtractAPI is powered by the best machine learning and OCR technologies have to offer. Save up to 80% of your time spent in manual data extraction and double checking with us.

Our API allows you to send and receive the data in current workflows, keeping your team in the space they know well. 

Accelerate your data strategy

  • Unleash the power of your own data
  • Clean and standardize your data across decades
  • Drive measurable, positive impacts across your business

Tailored to your workflow

  • Accessible data for everyone on your team
  • ExtractAPI can be easily integrated
  • Leverage partnerships with integration services to get going

Backed up by Humans

(in the loop)

  • Human-in-the-loop backup
  • Integration partners to get you started fast
  • Reliable data backed up with our AccuracyIQ Guarantee

The Power of Machine Learning – Beyond OCR

A technology that improves and learns over time – it just keeps getting better.

Complex Documents

OCR technology relies on patterns that are easily broken when trying to extract data from some more complex documents, forms, and other files. Meanwhile, machine learning data extraction works on any document. ML especially shines with complex documents that have a great deal of variation. It can also handle all the types of documents you want to use. 

Beyond the Page

One important difference is that with ML, the OCR can be fine-tuned to your specific problem or document – beyond just recognizing text on the page. ML can also identify and classify key information found in the text. 

Entities in Your Data

While OCR technology can give you the letters MADISON SMITH, Machine Learning technology can help you identify that those letters make up a person’s name, and in a specific document (say, a property deed), identify that they are the Grantor listed on the deed.

Humans behind the technology

We know nothing is more frustrating than when new technology stops working, especially when important tasks are on the line. That’s why we are here to help resolve any issues that may come up. 

Need help integrating our technology with your workflow? Support with our Integration partners are available for some specialized industries. 

Software Developer Resources

For Software Developers— we help you set your team on the right course with our RESTful API. Our detailed docs will be there to guide your way.

Want to learn more?

Let us show you how our ExtractAPI works with a live demo.

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