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Whitepaper: Developing a user-friendly API for Commercial Real Estate

As APIs gain traction and become a valuable part of enterprise strategy going forward, companies developing APIs as a service need to ensure both usability and usefulness to stand out from the other 24,000 (and growing) APIs on the market today. 

An API that is clear and straightforward to implement by developers is key to success. The less confusion there is around the code, the better the experience will be for everyone involved. 

Meanwhile, data users may not even know their system relies on an API; or care, but they will know that data is incorrect, missing, or not what they need. 

No matter how well the API integration is technically built, if it’s not helping, it won’t be used.

We’ve shared an overview of our methodologies and two case studies that illuminate what the implementation of the above process may look like in our most recent whitepaper. We focus on lean UX principles that allow us to conduct design-based research within an Agile development framework. 

We talk about what tool we used at what point in the process, and why. The examples are not exhaustive examples of what’s possible, but a reflection of what we used and the results we got in our specific journey to create and maintain a user-friendly API that works for all parties involved.

Interested in reading about how we develop an API that’s both easily integratable and useful? Read more about the work we did.

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